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4300 Promenade Way #116
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Sun Fire Defense

Sun FireDefense is a leading provider of Fire Prevention and Protection Solutions.

Our focus is to deliver advanced fire protection technology. This is accomplished through "Space Shuttle technology transfer” that affords the benefits of high-temperature fire-protection and thermal-insulation developments from aerospace-grade Ceramic Fiber materials used by NASA.

Wild fire's destroy thousands of homes each year, causing families to start from scratch; no home, no belongings. SunFire Defense makes it possible for you to protect your home and your assets with our fire resistant and flame retardant coating. Click here for more information.

Wild fires are hard to contain, and even harder to put out. When fire fighters and police offers put themselves in harms way, we want to make sure they're safe. SunFire Defense offers fire retardant products so that these individuals are safe from the flames.

When a fire breaks out in your commercial building, damage is done and lives are at stake. Make sure that you're prepared to provide safety in the chance of a fire with SunFire Defense's fire blanket. We provide property and life saving solutions.

Sun FireDefense offers fire protection coverage against the damaging effects of fire for residential homes and buildings with a line of products that include:
  • SPF3000 Fire Resistant and Fire Retardant Coating
  • SPF3000 Fire Blanket Roof / Insulation Roofing Systems
  • SPF3000 Fire Blanket for Windows, Doors and other Structural Openings
  • SPF3000 Steel Structural Fire Blanket
  • SPF Wildland Firefighter Shelter
A Fire Repellant Blanket has been developed to deliver creative life- saving solutions for our emergency first responders in the police, fire, and wildland fire communities from fire related threats. The Fire Blanket development has expanded to include protection for motor vehicles and personal property (photographs, jewelry, antiques, family heirloom, pictures, computers, Rx)

Contact SunFire Defense with any questions that you have regarding our flame retardant products. We are eager to explain how any of our products work as well as provide estimates on any installations for you!

Visit our website:
Sun Fire Defense | 4300 Promenade Way #116 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 us | 818x-486x-4662
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