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1930 N. Arboleda #217
Mesa, AZ 85213


Pro DBX’s Roofing Software takes the headache out of going through expenses, dealing with vendors, and everything else that goes into running your business. Our All-In-One Roofing Software saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Bullet Point Pro DBX allows you to create custom sets you can build. These allow your sales reps to select from your full-range of options. When a set is added to an order or a job, Pro DBX will automatically use all of your pre-designed settings to create a visually appealing price quoting engine for your sales reps.

Bullet Point Using Pro DBX complex sets, your sales reps can build estimates in the field in a matter of seconds. Each pre-designed complex set is converted into a visual step-by-step menu, with all price and cost calculations made according to overall quantity.


Bullet Point Each work order can then be assigned individually, or by setting up default automatic assignments. Commissions, quantities, and expected due dates for each work order can also be updated easily at any time.

Bullet Point New work orders, such as a trip charge, can be added to any existing work order without the hassle of preparing separate addendums.

Bullet Point Progress payments, either based off a percentage of roof completion or a set dollar amount, can be setup to trigger at completion of specific phases or work orders.


Bullet Point Once a work order is assigned, foreman and even entire crews are notified immediately via text or email.

Bullet Point By using Pro DBX, your crews can easily update their progress, create work order specific tasks and notes for other users, view their commission and pay, and take job-site photos using their phones or tablets which are automatically stored with that job’s documents.



Bullet Point Using the Pro DBX Project Management Dashboard, easily view, track, and update all of your open roofing jobs at a glance.

Bullet Point View each phase’s progress individually, reassign, and update work orders and due dates in one place.

Bullet Point Dashboards are also customized to fit your company’s needs, including color coding phases and work orders, or adding custom fields and other helpful information.

Customer Interface

Bullet Point With the Pro DBX Customer Portal, customers can easily log in and follow along as their roof progresses.

Bullet Point All you need to do is specify what you would like your customers to view – including specific photos, drawings, invoices, progress payments, and due dates for different phases.

Bullet Point All items, including your before and after photos attached to your invoice, can also be sent directly to the customer or insurance company upon completion of a job.


Bullet Point As work orders are completed, all commissions flow directly into the Pro DBX Payroll App.

Bullet Point Simply select the users and jobs to pay on, adjust any amounts if necessary, and submit. Piece rates can also be split between members of a crew, using set dollar amounts or percentages. Sales commissions, set up by user, can be triggered by completion of job, when a job is paid in full or upon the completion of a specific chosen phase.

Bullet Point Pro DBX will even auto-calculate workers compensation where necessary, and send employee wages to your payroll company.

Bullet Point All commissions, payroll, and payroll overhead are recorded in Pro DBX – providing you with true a true job cost of every roofing project, down to the penny.

Visit our website: prodbx.com/software/roofing-software/
DBX, LLC | 1930 N. Arboleda #217 Mesa, AZ 85213 US | 480x-545x-6777x998
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