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251 Walsh Pool Rd.
Exton, PA 19341
Safety Hoist Company

Ladder Lift - Roofing, Shingle Elevator - Power Ladder Platform Hoist for Materials

Safety Hoist Company manufacturers material, platform and ladder hoists also known as laddervators. Our material hoists are designed to be the lightest and most durable in the roofing industry. We make 3 models of roofing hoists based on capacity and type of use: two 200 pound material hoists and a 400 pound material hoist. The MH-123 entry level 200 lb. material hoist has been sold for almost 40 years. Our second 200 lb. platform hoist is the CH-200 and features a more rugged design with more steel and a much stronger ladder track section for roofing contractors.

Our third model is the HD-400 a 400 lb. capacity material lift that is more durable yet lighter than similar units. All Safety Hoist Company platform hoists come standard with 27 feet of track with the ability to add additional track to reach 44 feet in length.

Safety Hoist Company material hoists can be used to lift roof shingles of all types, roll goods as well as plywood and even boards and trusses. Safety Hoist was founded to help bring a safe, low cost and highly reliable method of lifting heavy and unstable products to the roof, reducing worker fatigue and injury.

With the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) increasing field inspections and issuing more violations and fines each month, carrying almost any item in your hands while climbing a ladder can cause a fine to be issued. Using a Safety Hoist Company ladder or shingle hoist addresses this concern, while also enhancing worker productivity and reducing the worker fatigue that can lead to costly injuries and workers compensation claims.

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Safety Hoist Company | 251 Walsh Pool Rd.  Exton, PA 19341 US | 610x-941x-4333
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