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85 Spencer Dr Unit A
Wells, ME 04090
Wasco Products, Inc.

Skylights for Residential and Commercial Daylighting

At Wasco, we know what builders and their customers are looking for in a skylight. Top quality. Innovative technology. Wide-ranging selection. Trouble-free installation. Reliable long-life performance. Competitive prices. And of course, plenty of daylight.

Founded in 1935, Wasco is the oldest continuously run residential and commercial skylight manufacturer in USA. Headquartered in Wells, ME, with a manufacturing facility in Reno, NV, Wasco Skylights offers a full line of quality unit and structural skylights, translucent walls and canopy systems, with a wide range of glazing options:

Acrylic: Continuous vaulted systems in low rise, half and quarter rounds, and units with formed rounded and pyramidal domes. Available in energy efficient systems with Lumira® Aerogel filled polycarbonate panels, shink-out smoke vents, fall protection, blast resistant, and hurricane.

Polycarbonate: Wasco’s polycarbonate designs are a dry glazed daylighting system. The translucent Horizon™ Systems are constructed of lightweight, impact resistant, UV protected polycarbonate panels that are easy to install. Available in vertical, unit, structural, vault and canopy configurations.

Glass: Designed for easy installation, Wasco’s metal framed skylight structures are available with a broad range of quality glass glazing options and versatile design possibilities, including hurricane resistant, electronically tintable, insulated, and photovoltaics.

Where to buy:

Visit our website: www.wascoskylights.com
Wasco Products, Inc. | 85 Spencer Dr Unit A Wells, ME 04090 US | 800x-388x-0293
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