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PO Box 519
Jacksonville, AR 72078
Lomanco Inc.
For more than 70 years, Lomanco has been your best choice for attic ventilation. Our high product quality and functionality, combined with our well-recognized integrity and solid partner base has established Lomanco as the premier manufacturer of residential ventilation products in the world.

Our success has been built on pride, dedication and hard work of Lomanco’s owners, management, employees, sales representatives, vendors and customers – the Lomanco Team.

Vent Selector App

Attic Ventilation...There's an App for that!

Download the ventilation expert you can carry with you. The Lomanco Vent Selector app allows you to easily design a balanced ventilation system, calculates the amount of intake provided when using soffit panels, and has a tool to determine your roof pitch.

The Lomanco Vent Selector app includes:

  • Ventilation Calculator
  • Soffit Panel Tool
  • Whirlybird® Pitch Tool

Ditch the calculator and download today!

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Lomamco App
What is ventilation?

You’ve probably heard that ventilation is very important, but what exactly is ventilation?

Ventilation is simply the process of providing a continuous supply of outdoor air to the attic space of a home or building.

Why Lomanco?

With so many manufacturers of ventilation, what makes Lomanco the best choice?
Lomanco has been producing quality ventilation products, and only ventilation products, since 1946. It’s what we know and do best, and we take great pride in our products.

Lomanco's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, engineering lab, and testing facility are used to produce our high quality products with proven performance. You can feel secure knowing a great product is on your roof, backed by the history and integrity of Lomanco Vents.

We never compromise on quality; Lomanco knows the importance of manufacturing ventilation products that have the correct emphasis on Net Free Area, weather protection, and longevity. We’ve spent a great deal of time and energy making sure the proper amount of each is present in all of our products.

By insuring our products have the appropriate amount of each factor, we achieve what is known as "The Lomanco Balance”. Lomanco also offers lifetime limited warranties on many of our products and a forever guarantee on our Whirlybird turbines.

If you ever need help with a product or have a question, we offer superb customer support via our online ventilation support and our toll free number.

Whether you are a homeowner or homebuilder, the best return on investment for protecting the longevity of your home is the proper installation of a balanced ventilation system, with the proven performance and quality of Lomanco Vents.

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Visit our website: www.lomanco.com/
Lomanco Inc. | PO Box 519 Jacksonville, AR 72078 USA | 800x-643x-5596
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