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7013 Kristi Drive
Garner, NC 27529
Lifting Equipment Solutions


The first and only generators made for hot air welders.  Consistent power without peaksgiving you a better weld, and protecting your Robot Welder's circuit board.

  • 8500 Watts
  • 7500 watts consistent power
  • Dedicated to operate the Automatic Welder
  • Full 30 amp 220 volt plug
  • "Key-less" electric start
  • Idle Control and Circuit BreakerReplacement Engines From Lifting Equipment Solutions
  • Hour, Volt, and Frequency Meter
  • Extra heavy Roll Cage W/fold down handles
  • Includes "Wheel Kit" W/Flat Free Tires
  • Only 200 lb. and 8 hours on 1 tank of gas

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The Best Replacement Engine for a Honda 7, 8, or 9 HP engine with horizontal key-way shaft.

  • Improved "sure grip" rope pull
  • Mounts better on roof cutters
  • Tank full indicator prevents gas overfill

Full 1 year warranty Generator from Lifting Equipment Solutions.

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Eagle Mod. Bit. Welder - Made in the USA!  Comes with a detachable heat gun, nine temperature settings, built-in rest and variable tool holder.


Fall Protection Rail Systems and Mobil Carts for:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Power Plants
  • All Construction New and old
  • Roof tops
  • Road Work

The only "Totally Flexible" System.

  • Flex angles
  • Flex Heights
  • Flex Mounts
  • Flex Spacing

Able to join into any existing system you may have!!! 


Be ready with our Residential Guardrail Starter System.  It's everything you need to comply on a pitched roof.

INCLUDES: 24 Eave Edge Brackets, 16 Rake Edge Brackets, 40 Interchangeable Posts. 

Visit our website:
Lifting Equipment Solutions | 7013 Kristi Drive Garner, NC 27529 USA | 919x-710x-6515
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